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Crashed Vehicle


After a two-week trial, a Prince George's County jury awarded Matt's clients $18.9 million in damages following a vehicle crash that caused three deaths (including two children), a leg amputation, and other serious injuries. The claims were settled post-trial.

"Aside from the jury verdict, one of the most satisfying aspects of the case was that I was able to obtain a policy limits settlement from the legal malpractice insurer for the law firm that had represented my clients before I did. The prior attorneys had failed to preserve the minivan as evidence which forced the experts and me to rely solely on photographs of the vehicle tires at trial." — MPM


Two workers were crushed by a 1,500 lb. bucket that became detached from the arm of an excavator. One was rendered a paraplegic and suffered the amputation of his left arm at the elbow. The other worker had his right arm amputated at the shoulder. Matt represented the men
in their workers compensation claims and in a third party claim against the equipment lessor. Through a relentless investigation, and with the assistance of engineering and safety experts, Matt was able to isolate the defect that caused the bucket drop. The case was successfully settled during trial.

Construction Site



The medical practice’s liability insurer refused to pay because the negligent physician had left the country, and thereby violated his duty to cooperate in the defense. Matt sued the malpractice insurer and won. The insurer appealed, and Matt won again – a unanimous decision - from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, ordering the malpractice insurer to pay the plaintiff the full judgment amount, plus nearly two years of interest. A copy of the Fourth Circuit opinion is attached here.

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A Montgomery County Judge awarded $2.56 million to Matt’s clients – the widow and children of a construction worker who presented to a medical practice complaining of chest pain and then died from a cardiac event eight days later. Through medical experts, Matt demonstrated that the medical practice needed to refer the patient to either an emergency room or to a cardiologist on an urgent basis.



Matt won a $1 million medical malpractice verdict (reduced post-trial to the statutory cap) in Baltimore County. Plaintiff was legally blind in one eye due to diabetic retinopathy – a progressive but treatable disease. Plaintiff contended that she lost vision in her remaining, good eye, due to mismanagement by her doctor. See article.


Matt won a $1.56 million verdict (reduced post-trial to the statutory cap) in Prince George’s County. Plaintiff underwent carpal tunnel surgery during. She claimed that the surgeon negligently damaged a nerve in her wrist during the surgery, leaving her with permanent harm.


Caregiver negligence at or around the time of birth can lead to oxygen deprivation or direct trauma to the child. The end result may be cerebral palsy, a permanent neurologic condition. Matt has obtained multi-million $ settlements for families whose child suffers from cerebral palsy. These settlements are typically structured in a manner that provides lifetime payments toward the child’s care.

Various malpractice claims. Successful outcomes include:

  • Anesthesia death.

  • Undiagnosed cerebral artery dissection.

  • Post-operative infection/amputation.

  • Surgical instrument left in the patient.


Matt successfully settled claims of a mother and father arising from the death of their full-term child due to unrecognized placental abruption during labor.


A common scenario: elderly woman is befriended by a financial advisor who begins to exercise control over her finances. Not surprisingly, the advisor starts to receive all manner of fees and "gifts" from his client totaling well into the six figures. Matt was disgusted with the outright manipulation of this sweet grandmother. When negotiations stalled, Matt drafted a scorched earth complaint with a drop dead demand and a 24 hour deadline. At about hour 23, the phone rang. Case settled.


$750,000 Settlement:

A family's van was crushed in a T-bone impact caused by a commercial truck that ran a stop sign. Mom, dad, and two daughters all suffered horrific injuries. Initially, the truck's insurer claimed that only $250,000 in insurance was available. After Matt insisted on proof of the insurance coverage, the $250,000 was revised to $750,000, which was then offered.


Dependency Benefits:

A worker was shot and killed during a robbery attempt at his job site. The worker was divorced and lived separate from his ex-spouse and their young child. Matt was able to win dependency payments for the child that will continue into his 20s so long as he remains a full-time student.

* The above outcomes are illustrative but please keep in mind that every case in unique. No attorney can guarantee a successful outcome. Factors such as the jurisdiction where suit can be filed, the collectible amount of either insurance or assets from the defendant, and, most notably, the facts themselves, all impact the value of a particular case. And, of course, once a case goes to trial the unexpected becomes possible.